The Beginning Of The End

The Beginning Of The End

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-Amber- By -Amber- Updated Apr 16, 2012

Harlow had always wished she could leave everything behind and forget the abysmal mess that is her life, desperate to do something better, something worthwhile. Her lonely life is turned upside down the day she dreamt about a beautiful boy with emerald green eyes.  She discovers there is more to life than meets the eye, that Angels roam the earth, that her entire life she has been watched, that there are many things she never knew about her family, and a side to herself she never knew she had. A side that isn't human.

Struggling to take it all in, her life is thrown further in to chaos when she discovers the horrifying truth about her father and that the boy she's falling for hard and fast has been lying to her all along. Finding herself with the fate of her own life, and many others, in her hands she can't help but think she should have been more careful of what she wished for.

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misspotter misspotter May 13, 2011
This story is definitely unique. Loved the summary. Keep it up. <3 ♥ ^^
                              Voted, by the way. :)
TheSilhouette TheSilhouette May 12, 2011
this is soo good! the description really draws me in, and i love the story line!!
siincerelynicole siincerelynicole May 12, 2011
Wow! This is a really good read, I was at work and didn't want to stop! Keep it up. I wouldn't stress all the editing just yet, just get as much down as you can, you can always go back and edit/change things. But so far I'm loving it! Great job! It paints a very good visual, like watching a movie! 
VeraAnneWolf VeraAnneWolf May 12, 2011
@-Amber- Honestly I would keep the prologue. It hocked me more then chapter 1 did, especially the first 2 pages.
-Amber- -Amber- May 12, 2011
@SheaRyhai Thanks for the comment, I'm currently editing the prologue (and kinda wondering whether to delete the prologue alltogether..) but this really helps me see what needs to thank you :D
-Amber- -Amber- May 12, 2011
@VenessaJinson wow! Thank you so much for the awesome comment! I'm so happy you liked it and I'll deffo let you know when I update :)
                              Thank you!