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˗ˏˋ namjoon ˎˊ˗ By cinnamonduns Updated Dec 17, 2016

when you look at me me with those eyes that are oh-so-fucking endearing, i know that my adoration for you is sempiternal.



screamingpete screamingpete Oct 28, 2016
Oh you know what would be cool
                              Josh is a firefighter and he's on duty and Tyler gets into a car wreck
Sfrey21 Sfrey21 Jan 06
Are his surroundings sounding down the mountain range of his left side brain?
milkjosh milkjosh Sep 19, 2016
josh with natural hair.
                              he is best friends with tyler and one day josh makes a big pillow fort in his backyard for tylers birthday.
                              they both learn that they have feeling for one another.
                              i n t e n s e fluffy make out sessions ensue. 
                              josh is dominant.
                              I love you.
Josh does something terrible to Tyler when they were teens and Tyler holds a grudge so when Josh is named his roommate for camp he hates it but just is a grade a fuCKBOY so he flirts his way into tylers heart and soul. The end.
                              Josh- yELLow bc egg yolk, fuckboy
                              Tyler- short-ish hair, fem!
Crappy_Dun123 Crappy_Dun123 Sep 19, 2016
That is probably the hardest choices I will ever face but I'm gonna have to say fluff
twxntyduns twxntyduns Jan 09
that reminded me of a the 1975 song is there somebody who can hold you and now i'm upset 👏🏻