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TYLER By cinnamonduns Updated Nov 28

when you look at me me with those eyes that are oh-so-fucking endearing, i know that my adoration for you is sempiternal.



Oh you know what would be cool
                              Josh is a firefighter and he's on duty and Tyler gets into a car wreck
milkjosh milkjosh Sep 19
josh with natural hair.
                              he is best friends with tyler and one day josh makes a big pillow fort in his backyard for tylers birthday.
                              they both learn that they have feeling for one another.
                              i n t e n s e fluffy make out sessions ensue. 
                              josh is dominant.
                              I love you.
That is probably the hardest choices I will ever face but I'm gonna have to say fluff
Oh god please don't be about homophobic parents I can't handle that I'm constantly terrified my parents will kick me out
I'm actually going to start sobbing now thank you amazing author
milkjosh milkjosh Sep 19
that's my favorite smell I love rain (probably because I live in california where rain forgets to fall)