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Yaoi RP book

Yaoi RP book

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<3 By WhiteRabbit130 Updated Dec 18, 2016

This is exactly what the title says it is. It's a yaoi roleplay. My other yaoi roleplay books have been deleted so I've made another. I hope you enjoy and please read the rules before you start roleplaying.

OriginalSpringtrap OriginalSpringtrap Dec 10, 2016
Name: Joey
                              Age: 16
                              Sexuality: Bisexual
                              Appearance: Dark purple hair, icy blue eyes, black tank top, black hand protectors going to his elbows, black jeans, black combat boots, and a chain necklace.
                              Likes: Unknown
                              Dislikes: Unknown.
                              Backstory: Unknown.
Name: ryan fujioka sexuality: gay age: 18 species: bunny looks: white short hair long lavender shirt light jeans and white convers personality: shy,nice,sensitive,quiet,acts feminine a little,and careful likes:cats,drawing, music, sweets dislikes: dogs,mean people
xXBlade_ShimashiraXx xXBlade_ShimashiraXx Dec 30, 2016
Name: Rukki
                              Age: 19
                              Gender: M
                              Sexuality: Gay but doesn't show it
                              Looks: Profile pic
                              Likes: sweets, nice people
                              Dislikes: most things 
                              Personality: shy, quiet,  doesn't talk much
                              Species: Human
Willow_Rogers Willow_Rogers Dec 10, 2016
Name: Ashton
                              Age: 17
                              Sexuality: Gay
                              Likes: everything he's a cheery boy
                              Dislikes: assholes
-AaronBurr- -AaronBurr- Dec 20, 2016
Should i put my form here or on the character that i want to rp with?
classified-wolf classified-wolf Dec 15, 2016
Name: Katsumi Sora (Kat for short)
                              Sexuality: Bi
                              Looks: black hoodie, red scarf, pale skin, clue eyes, black hair that covers his eyes but hates it however, he doesn't want to cut it.
                              Likes: cold weather, ice skating
                              Dislikes: When people tease him and sweets