[Akatsuki x Reader] Body Features [drabbles]

[Akatsuki x Reader] Body Features [drabbles]

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"Hey, Deidara-senpai...?"
"Sorry to ask, but I was sort of wondering why your is so fluffy looking? ... Can I touch it?"

Deidara sort of sweat dropped as he saw the interested sparkle in your eyes that showed your longing to touch his hair. Giving up as a light sigh escaped his lips, Deidara nodded and stood there for you to admire his hair that he takes care of.

Your eyes shined even brighter, and you hesitantly reached out to take a few strands and let them run down your fingers. You shivered slightly at how the feel of his hair was so soft and puffy, unlike that of a Barbie doll, whom is a representative of Deidara's appearance.

You were too busy getting a look at his hair that you didn't notice the light blush on Deidara's cheeks as he wasn't used to your touch. Especially the touch that he wanted to feel.

Suddenly the stroking stopped.

"Is that [shampoo name]? Funny. I have been missing my shampoo bottle once in a while lately, and then have them returned, too. To think...

rewa12345 rewa12345 Sep 27
CREAM SILK---wait a minute.....Deidara-sempai you stole my shampoo? :<
She showers with Pantene, but I got Watermelone to keep me clean!
hihiluna203 hihiluna203 Jun 05
Stop leaving me at the cliffs cuz I swear next time i'm gonna jump
NiteChan NiteChan Jun 23
XD I found out that what all girly nature I have in me that I can slap people back 10x as hard. That's why girls shouldn't ever get into a slap fight.
He would probably smack the back off my head, and then i would go sit in the corner and glare at him XD