The Sicilian Affair

The Sicilian Affair

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Stanlight By Stanlight Updated Nov 25, 2019

A twenty-five year old Laurie Slade wanted to get away from a family who wanted to sell her off to the highest bidder. 

Applying for a home nurse ad in Sicili to care for Mrs. Teresa Carsingni seemed far and easy enough. At least it was, all until one daring night of skinny dipping which left her exposed to a very dark, enigmatic yet forthright Tomas Carsingni and he is not so easily impressed.

                                                  *              *             *              *             *

"Ms. Slade, I thought that I made myself clear last time."

The sound of his voice brought chills down her spine. 

"I'm sorry Mr. Carsingni. I-uh, must have misunderstood. I thought it was because you thought I was an intruder." She said, trying to keep her voice from trembling.

"And didn't we also talk about your constant need to apologise?" He arched a brow at her.

"Yes, we did. I'm so-. It won't happen again." She bent down and picked up her scattered clothes. Why was he always around when she was naked?

"Ms. Slade..." she heard him utter as she passed by where he stood.

She tilted her head up and stared into his blue eyes.

"If you insist on walking around leaving nothing for the imagination, then you and I are going to find ourselves in quite the predicament."

**unedited, it will be once the story is done.***