Civil War (Jelsa)

Civil War (Jelsa)

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I don't own any characters and edited photos.                  
NOTE: this is very different from the movie well maybe a little but A LITTLE.
The world was destroyed. War was made. That caused a lot of damages.People used to have groups. Groups with well known leaders. This groups are like districts. They built big walls to separate them to the damaged areas. Every districts owned treasures. 
Jack Frost, Rapunzel Corona, Anna Winters, Hiccup Horrendous III and Bunny are the leaders of district 5.
Eugene Fitzherbert, Merida Dunbroch, Elsa Winters, Toothiana and Astrid are the leaders of District 6. All districts helped one another even though they are miles away.

But then someone bombed district 6. The first district that helped them was district 5 and they let the survivors stay there while some were rebuilding the walls and everything that, that was damaged.And the leaders met.  

That's where the conflicts it all began.

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