Did You Forget?

Did You Forget?

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Rissa Black By ViciousDramaAddict Updated Dec 21, 2016

Takes place during True Maya.

Something bad happened when Maya was with Carla and Renee.

The cop comes to tell them what happened and they all go to see Maya.

One question changes everything...

The triangle just got a lot more complicated. 

What did Lucas decide?

Who does Maya like?

What does Riley think?

ViciousDramaAddict ViciousDramaAddict Sep 14, 2016
Next chapter: Riley and Lucas talk about the triangle. Maya and Farkle talk. Shawn or Eric or John?
Sarahcarp_gmw Sarahcarp_gmw Sep 14, 2016
I knew Maya was gonna forget but I thought she was gonna forget the clique six didn't expect her forgetting Lucas! I loved Maya reaction when she saw Farkle lol will this affect the triangle greatly? Or do they drop it and focus on Maya?