Stars~ The Star Sanses x Reader

Stars~ The Star Sanses x Reader

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Pastel Le Turf By Pastel__Dreams Updated Jan 07

The Star Sanses x 'Sweet'!Female!Reader,                                         

They're all the same skeleton ,so why can't you pick one?
 I do not own The Star Sanses,                                  

If I fail at writing ,I'm sorry I can't write. I'm used to asks.

Reaper-Piper Reaper-Piper 6 days ago
I kinda wish that, but I realize I wouldn't be able to make it through the internet.
Undertale_Keissha Undertale_Keissha 6 days ago
0_o  author you mean? That we are not innocent and has sinned in this? OH MAH GASH IM HAVING A BREAK DOWN I AM SINNING INSIDE A BOOK WAAAAAAAAAAAAT!?!? *cough* sorry move on move on
I do think ink is "hawt", but I mostly like him for his artistic ability, I could draw with him whenever I wanted, and he could probably teach me a few things about art
RinWatts RinWatts 6 days ago
I wanna be a cinnamon role but if i was i wouldent be here x3
readerlover1210 readerlover1210 5 days ago
True but I'm a sinner on wattpad with all the lemons/smut I read
Fan_girl_ally Fan_girl_ally 5 days ago
What me Innocent you see this face ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) thats how Innocent in ;v;