Stars~ The Star Sanses x Reader

Stars~ The Star Sanses x Reader

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Pastel Le Turf By Pastel__Dreams Updated Feb 09

The Star Sanses x 'Sweet'!Female!Reader,                                         

They're all the same skeleton ,so why can't you pick one?
 I do not own The Star Sanses,                                  

If I fail at writing ,I'm sorry I can't write. I'm used to asks.

XSilentSniperX XSilentSniperX 4 days ago
Also, what's up with your commas? They are spaced in the wrong places everytime.
65% lol so: 17.5% sinner 17.5% paint XD YES I'm doing this for each one XD
Nurrutia88 Nurrutia88 Feb 04
                              100℅ sin/ 0℅ cinnamon roll.
                              Sad part is, is that its true
I had to cut off some of my hair before a school picture because one of the school bullies had put gum in it , my hair looked horrible XD
Me : ;-; homework 
                              School : * Throws homework at me * ∩(︶▽︶)∩ here you can have more 
                              Me : * hides in a corner *help ;^;
I had a dream of that too but it was with three of my friend's who are boy's in my school