Different // The Star Sanses x Reader [PASSED ON TO ANOTHER AUTHOR]

Different // The Star Sanses x Reader [PASSED ON TO ANOTHER AUTHOR]

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XYXIILCXKUFBQV By Pastel__Dreams Updated Jul 19

The Star Sanses x Female!Reader,                                         
They're all the same skeleton, so why can't you pick one?
If this story's bad, sorry! I'm used to asks do my punctuation and stuff might not be that good. Also super slow updates because of writer's block.

Cover art by Comyet/Myebi on tumblr

The Star Sanses belong to Joku

Undertale by Toby Fox

Here it comes! Bring it fan girls!! *water gets poured* DAMMIT!!
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All of this is true and I think you mean 001% Thank you though
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Lol XD
                              Innocent OC!
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