Childhood Love (Gene X Reader) [Prequel to A Broken Girl]

Childhood Love (Gene X Reader) [Prequel to A Broken Girl]

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His dark, brown hair.. His light, blue eyes.. His cute laugh.. He is mine.. And he will always be..

It so I thought.....



Y/N = Your name
N/N = Nickname
H/C = Hair color
E/C =Eye color
    Ooh! And just some info about your eyes! (Lol xD)
    Black: (like my soul xD) = Shit just gone real!/ Mad
    Red: Shit just got awkward~ / Crushing on someone / Blushing (xD) :3
    Blue: Leave. Me. Alone.

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taedaddies taedaddies Mar 15, 2017
Hey mom how you doing gurl! Omi this is literally my mom irl
pricegen1205 pricegen1205 Aug 03, 2017
The fact that apparently a lot of people who commented look alike 😂
KittyShipper2005 KittyShipper2005 Nov 04, 2017
My friend beside me
                              Friend: Yes mind do think like that
                              Me: 0-0
HunterHamilton7 HunterHamilton7 Jun 03, 2017
I slapped Aaron, sounds about right, I'm just gonna bish slap him
SpaceCowboyzEx SpaceCowboyzEx Aug 12, 2017
Everybody's like, wow looks just like me! And then you come to me!
                              Tiny ugly brown girl 😂
The-Lazy-Potato The-Lazy-Potato Aug 15, 2017
Me but with curly short hair and add me eating tacos and thats me right there