Childhood Love (Gene X Reader) [Prequel to A Broken Girl]

Childhood Love (Gene X Reader) [Prequel to A Broken Girl]

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His dark, brown hair.. His light, blue eyes.. His cute laugh.. He is mine.. And he will always be..

It so I thought.....



Y/N = Your name
N/N = Nickname
H/C = Hair color
E/C =Eye color
    Ooh! And just some info about your eyes! (Lol xD)
    Black: (like my soul xD) = Shit just gone real!/ Mad
    Red: Shit just got awkward~ / Crushing on someone / Blushing (xD) :3
    Blue: Leave. Me. Alone.

-DaeStars- -DaeStars- Mar 15
Hey mom how you doing gurl! Omi this is literally my mom irl
The fact that apparently a lot of people who commented look alike 😂
I slapped Aaron, sounds about right, I'm just gonna bish slap him
Everybody's like, wow looks just like me! And then you come to me!
                              Tiny ugly brown girl 😂
Me but with curly short hair and add me eating tacos and thats me right there
In the thing above, Gene looks mentally retarded bc of his eyes XD