Once A Queen, Always A Queen • DISCONTINUED

Once A Queen, Always A Queen • DISCONTINUED

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Every once in while, everyone girl wolf gets- 

Oh, who am I kidding? 

Practically every day a girl wolf is rejected. 

It's not a very unusual conflict. 

But, Unlike other wolves, Royalty's story isn't quite the same. 

And here's the story of why. 


"What did I do!?" Tyler yells angrily. 

"Do you really NEED me to answer that?!" I shout. 

"No," He sighs. 

"-But I just want things to go back to the way they were" He continues, while advancing towards me. 

I take a step back. 

"Well it's too little too late now, isn't it" I whimper, hot tears rolling down my cheeks. 

I turn around and walk out of the door. 

Warning: Contains all of the following ... 
-(Some) Cliché material
-Bad jokes
-Horrible Update schedule 
-And A LOT of music videos 
-Some (labeled) Mature content

Warning: Author not responsible for all of the following ... 
-(Some-what) bad grammar
-Bad updating schedule 
-Horrible puns
-Bad jokes
-Cringe-worthy material

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SavannaMarie9 SavannaMarie9 Dec 28, 2016
Hahaha that's me definitely I would completely run out of there though
spiritmist spiritmist Jan 14
...those aren't full sentences... sorry for activating grammar police
spiritmist spiritmist Jan 14
How does she differentiate between wolf form and mermaids form? Is it a water/land thing?
spiritmist spiritmist Jan 14
Just curious, why do wolves have different names from the humans?
                              rare pelt. Be purple.
perkyjoy1234 perkyjoy1234 Dec 29, 2016
oh yeah! I love this book. Not to mention blue's my favorite color!
spiritmist spiritmist Jan 14
If you've never used your powers then how do you know you have them? Also, where are her parents? How does she know her ancestry and gene pool?