Love Trial | Mystic Messenger | One Shots

Love Trial | Mystic Messenger | One Shots

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Bunny-Kun By Yza_Bell Updated 6 days ago

"I find you guilty !"

6 men and 1 woman was on a court. Findng people who are guilty and innocent for your love.

Who will be guilty ? Who will be innocent ?

Let your heart choose..



Lmao, that was one cheesy description or speach lolol

This is just basically a One Shot book featuring the MM Characters as written in the title lol, I hope you enjoy everyonee~!

Characters maybe OOC (Out of Character)

Some AU's and Songs and the Characters of MM belongs to their perspective owners ^ ^ ! And of course MM belongs to Cheritz !

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I CANT. I just can't.. This guy would be the death of me someday HUHUHU. T_T
Weeeelllllllllll!~ *queue musical number* Because he's gay, AND European!
I'm gonna cook her alive and feed it to Jaehee and Zen....
                              Nahhh lemme stop ima animal lover 😍
Sorry Jumin Han but you need Jumin Han permission to go to my house
Ok what the hell Lartemis? XD make a zen and seven x reader Since ayuma is depressed our cousin recommended this app to her and she aint getting close with anyone plus she does it everyday *sweatdrops* oh and its just Dayuma for now
fallingtotheabyss fallingtotheabyss 3 days ago
I thought it said 'while sucking' I WAS LIKE BOIIII ZUMYOUNG (Saeyoung, Jumin and Zen)