chromophobia / destiel

chromophobia / destiel

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secretly misha By OfficialCastiel Updated 3 days ago

" im colorblind " 
" cool, what do you want to drink? " 

in which castiel novak is a new student at a new school and cant see a thing, but sure has the looks for dean winchester.

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inspired by: lovely // phan au 
tiggerwarnings: my grammar is shit

Nikoru23 Nikoru23 7 hours ago
All of these people are saying "why he hate cheese" but I actually agree with Sam on this one. Cheese fücks me up. And not in the good way. Lactose intolerant is a bítch.
alpacas666 alpacas666 Nov 19
For some reason I forgot what ship I was reading about and was about to comment you added another fandom but then remembered I'm reading about destiel....
SpruceWood SpruceWood Nov 10
I read this as "growled between their eyes" and I was suddenly very confused and concerned
Well actually not every color blind person sees all gray, black, and white, but some do
I swear colourblind people can see tho they just can't see colors he would have still been able to make out the shape