Meant To Be (BWWM) *Mature content*

Meant To Be (BWWM) *Mature content*

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PennameJewel By PennameJewel Completed

This book is a sequel to private lover, so if you want to get a deeper insight to all the characters do read "private lover* first.

Kayla is haunted by that same dilemma of wether to stay with Stavaros or leave him taking their little baby boy with her as Stavaros slowly drifts back to old habits. 

As a new threat starts to tear away at the Caponie family, will family ties forged be broken.

bruh this is rape ion care if it's his "only" way of showing her he care, this is insane! no is no bruh
purple1252011 purple1252011 5 days ago
She's so extra... Like one way or another u can't take his son...! I swear just leave by urself, I pretty sure he can take care of the baby fine! I swear!
LadyBeth518 LadyBeth518 Oct 02
He loves her but doesn't know how to show her. He should open up to her. That's what wives are for, well most of us. We understand the need for "a release" if our husbands need it. Well most of us do.
Rossie needs to come clean with Kayla about what is going on with him. Who knows she maybe able to help him some kind of way without getting involved with the dirty work of the business. Can't he see he is driving Kayla away keeping her captive so to speak?
Angielb73 Angielb73 Sep 25
Hit him in his groin so hard he would have felt it in hiss brain he would have knots all over him to
RoseGold_2 RoseGold_2 Oct 01
I want to say it's Veronica but the hair colors and age through me off