Why Did It Have To Be Me (Naruto various x Skilled reader)

Why Did It Have To Be Me (Naruto various x Skilled reader)

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LovelyLittleMichaela By bandsXforXlife15 Updated Jan 31

What happens when [Name], the prophecy of the [L/Name] clan meets all the naruto guys? What kind of bonds will she make? Will she be able to stop some events from happening? And just who will win her heart? Find out in Why Did It Have To Be Me!

(Currently under heavy editing, so some things might not make sense)

I don't own the story line of naruto or the characters I only own Haru, Daichi, Ryuu, and any other OC's that show up

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LiciaKho LiciaKho Oct 30, 2017
It's quite the opposite for me, actually.
                              I LOVE / LIKE MARY-SUE'S!
Zhayene Zhayene Aug 31, 2017
I thought it was gonna be some sort of Percy Jackson prophecy 😂😂😂
Micky1200 Micky1200 Jan 23
Lmao you're the first person i've known that spells michaela like me
Xhivae Xhivae Oct 23, 2017
Yaaaay! Mary Sue! (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧ I'm fine with Mary Sues as long as their personality isn't a cardboard box .
Lol coincidence my character is going to look like Yang Xiao Long from RWBY