Blue and Green

Blue and Green

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Dream Big By Crazy-house Completed

Raven lost his memory and is trying to survive day by day. His only trusted friend is Pie, a bunny. He's not fully sure of what he is or where he came from.

Chris is next in like to me alpha. He's been looking for his mate and luck wasn't on his side. His father calling him to help with a border crossing issue will change that.

The two will meet and their fates will twist together. Raven is special and Chris is vary protective. Go with them on their journey and wild life.

Cover photo by @Magenkop

  • bxb
  • fantasy
  • kidnap
  • love
  • mpreg
  • powers
  • werewolf
  • wolf
mangatake mangatake Aug 04
People don't normally describe themselves this way unless they're narcissists. For first person narratives, it a good idea to have other chapters describe your main character or to hint at his looks through their reactions and comments.
".... no shirt, no shoes and I still get service...."  -Sorry I know this is serious but I just couldn't help it!!  <3  <3
Loll...y'all jump of the writer.... Its their first book...y'all look like y'all still reading it one's forcing you 😌😌😌
Noel1399 Noel1399 Aug 19
How could he not have much muscle with all that he does...???
dinohuman dinohuman Jan 29, 2015
You've been gone for three years, if someone hasn't come looking by now, you best accept your future
audry23 audry23 Feb 24, 2014
'The red on all the wall's'? Do you mean red covering the walls and the cold floor?