Rejected Girls

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XvampluverX By XvampluverX Updated a year ago
Summer and Autumn are the best of friends. They both doesn't have a family nor a mate. When they found their mates, their mates rejected them in front of their "friends". So they decided to run away together due to the fact that their mates are the future Alpha and Beta and they are living in the pack house with them. While resting in the woods, they find four gorgeous guys and took them to the pack and became a family. Now, two years later, they needed to go back to their old pack and met their mates again but didn't recognize them. When they finally did, they asked for forgiveness and their love again.
    Will Summer and Autumn take them back??
    Cover by: MoodyStewart
They are royally jerks and i hope they are in a lot of pain when they leave hahahahahaha
haha i find somthing funny is that the two wolves of the two basterds that rejected summer and autumn kinda said the same things xD like their twins xD
I loved it especially the start it was messed up though but good for them
REALLY GOOD STARY AND ALL AROUND STORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lol love it and nice name choices Summer and Autumn xD I just got it!!!!
@XvampluverX ahah same, i have all of them for my story as well