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Individual roleplay~

Individual roleplay~

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Jefferson/Philip By Lorie248 Updated Mar 09

Most of the characters are mine~

Cosmic_Wish Cosmic_Wish Sep 15, 2016
                              Age: 17
                              Weapon: Scalpel
                              Appearance: white hair and a black highlight, black and white boots, gloves, shorts, and shirt and had blood streaming down her red eye, she also has bloods cuts
                              Other:Has a sister named Adriana, is good at cooking,did gymnastics when she was younger, peppermint
roo_the_broken roo_the_broken Oct 13, 2016
River the skeleton (the skeleton girl)
                              Nice,funny,layback,and secretly depressed 
                              She has messy brown hair and a hood that covers her skeleton eyes,she wears a red hoodie and black shorts with sneakers 
                              Sad life ;-;
Forbidden_Flower Forbidden_Flower Dec 26, 2016
                              Name: Sin Nightmare 
                              Age: Looks 13 (really 100)
                              Personality:Masochist (Don't judge)
                              Looks: Wears all black. Hoodie, sweatpants, t-shirt, socks, sneakers, and beanie. Pale skin, dark brown hair, and purple eyes.
                              Weapon: Rapier
                              Others: Only acts tough, actually really sensitive.
FandomCouncil FandomCouncil Nov 11, 2016
Name:  Red ( Or Elzo if She trusts you)
                              Age: 18
                              Gender: Female 
                              Personality:She feels no sympathy, cold , quiet , wise , witty
                              Looks: profile 
                              Backstory: TOO LAZY PLEASE LORIE
                              Weapon: KATANA
                              (Remember me RainbowAwesome?)
-Del_Sutcliff- -Del_Sutcliff- Oct 13, 2016
I'm good at explaining looks! I think :D oh do you do Warrior cat Rps?
8-OuterScience_101 8-OuterScience_101 Dec 20, 2016
                              Personaility:Sweet, adoreable Loving,bubbly
                              Looks:Light brown hair, green eyes a Hot pink hangover,Ripped jeans And Bootd
                              Backstory:Sorry Sweetheart!~ Can't tell ya