Haze (A Leafycynical & Leafnision Fanfic)

Haze (A Leafycynical & Leafnision Fanfic)

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Straight Faggot By Aidsden Completed

All it had taken to get the shit beat out of him was a snide remark which included the word 'cuck'. It had only been half serious, just a joke about some senior who was in a polyamorous relationship. Of course, it had to end in this sort of situation.

(LeafyCynical and LeafNision)
((Love triangle shit))


Loving this story so far! Enjoyed Falling Apart a lot too, your a good writer!
GhostTheCat GhostTheCat Sep 18
Killeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Knomestaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
leafyxcyn leafyxcyn Oct 26
I'm sensing an abuse kink (or maybe it's just me)? Lol, I really love this!
Damn. I just clicked on this and the first sentence. Flipping abuse. I luv it