"They're Just Cats"- A Reader X Danny Avidan Fanfic

"They're Just Cats"- A Reader X Danny Avidan Fanfic

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Morquaqua By notsogrumpy Updated Oct 10, 2016

A sequel to my previous book "The Babysitting Job," which did so well and got so many requests for continuation that I HAD to do another :) 

After hearing about how you did with the babies, Ross and Holly gave you a call. "Hey (y/n), you think you can watch Orph and Mojo for a little while? We're going to Perth for a few days."

"Sure, why not? Can Danny tag along?"

"Uh huh. You kids have the house to yourselves. Come over tomorrow and we'll give you the run down." 

"'Kay. Bye!" Easy enough. It's just a couple of cats, right? You and Dan had handled much worse with Lily and Violet. What was a few pets in comparison to that?

I don't own the cover art so yeah...

Ah Jesus, he did me the real big frighten with dem sizes. And that sounded wrong.
princess-nix princess-nix Sep 20, 2016
your an extremely talented writer and i hope you never stop because your too good to give up
princess-nix princess-nix Sep 20, 2016
dude you have no idea how happy i get when you post a new part to the stories you write it's like when your a little kid and your parents surprise you with the toy you've been begging them for for months
His hair isn't the only thing two sizes two large (if ya catch my cold)
EmelieBlair EmelieBlair Sep 14, 2016
And of course "Hysteria" by Def Leppard begins playing as soon as I hear news of this story!! <3333 It's a sign!!