His Maid||SasuNaru||

His Maid||SasuNaru||

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Fist off,Naruto doesn't belong to me <:'{ {{{EDIT: OLD ACC NAME WAS SASUNARUO3O)

-EDITED-notice I made this in 6th grade I have no intention to edit the no further

Naruto, A 16 year old boy who has been accepted in being the Uchiha's maid, his mother was devastated but she let her son go. What will happen in this story?
Will Naruto fall for the Uchiha or Will he hate him forever?
Read to find out.

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Well.....That escalated quickly...
                              But hey....I SHIP IT LIKE FEDEX BIATCH
its 'maid' man, not made. (Not trying to offend you or anything :))
ttomcat7 ttomcat7 Mar 29
Oh and he has a demon sealed in him so no worry right the new guy you have never met dressed as a maid - iean alright iv never seen something like this so blatant
Sweetkay04 Sweetkay04 May 15
Did any one know that sai is a girls name? I found it out when I was looking for Japanese girl names
kawaiigaycatguys kawaiigaycatguys Oct 24, 2016
@sasunaruo3o  I read the warnings thinking that it wouldn't be that bad...but I was dead wrong.
kawaiigaycatguys kawaiigaycatguys Oct 23, 2016
So this is just amazing and I got two seconds into the moaning before I shoved headphones on blushing my head off just laughing cause idk it was just awkward is what I will say...