I Prefer Sir/Miss/Mx Weird (Gravity Falls X Reader)

I Prefer Sir/Miss/Mx Weird (Gravity Falls X Reader)

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A Gay Alien ? By Sir_Cipher Updated Mar 30

Your great uncle decides he wants to live out on the ocean again, which means you and your twin brother have a new life out on the mysterious waters. But what happens when weird creatures are following you? Following your small family? Trying to kill you all? Well, a certain triangle trapped in stone knows those answers.


This is a Gravity Falls x reader fan fiction! Safe for anyone of any gender to read!

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Wait so my brother's name is Matthew and uh.....wait....I was...... right!?.....he is gay!!!..... yeah!!..............if you see this brother forgot about it!!! forget everything I told you!!!!
Oh nice, you turned your qoutev quize to a story, sorry, big fan
coke-aholic_05 coke-aholic_05 Sep 24, 2017
My symbol is... Maybe fire! Because. It can bring warmth and safety, but still burn down a forest.
full-of-spice full-of-spice Sep 21, 2017
Is this a hetalia reference 👌🏻👌🏻❤️❤️👌🏻
I’ll be reading your twin brother's name as Twin Brother. Like his name is literally Twin Brother
XxsillyjillyxX XxsillyjillyxX Sep 01, 2017
True the late nights reading the fanfics ,but it's still reading right