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The Shifter

The Shifter

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abuttell By abuttell Updated Apr 15

Victoria, the only being able to shift into any animal that she wants, surprisingly has been bullied by her peers for a long time by the uselessness of her ability. 
The vamps, werewolves, fairies, witches, and wizards around her have all been against her since day one, but that all changes when she's challenged by the most infuriating bad boy at her school in a fight. She can't lose to this jerk.

What's worse is that this bad boy's past connects to Victoria's present when she starts getting hunted by his nightmare. Will they be able to survive the most powerful supernatural, who has never faced defeat?

WARNING: This book may contain cliches in some parts of it, so if you're a person who will hate my book because it's not original, don't read it. But I do add my own style to it as much as I can (which is pretty often).

Also, it may seem VERY unoriginal in the beginning because I had to set a basic foundation for my story. Once you get past the first few chapters though, things start taking a twist... ;)

Highest Ranking: #18 in Fantasy: 10/17/16

Do U have something against blonds?? Just wondering I'm slightly blond....should I be worried??😟
Yes! Finally!  😂😂😂 a true girl who knows what she's doing 😂😂😂😂
deadxcity deadxcity Apr 15
If I were her, I'd drop down to my knees, yank my arms free, and elbow the ones holding me in the backs of their knees so they fall, then make a sassy escape.
ILoveHarryPotter124 ILoveHarryPotter124 Sep 27, 2016
this is soooooo good best book i've ever read on wattpad so far! and its Just the second page
-stilesbilinsky -stilesbilinsky Nov 17, 2016
Me: UM can you not touch me, stop. Thats harassment. I'm sick and tired you go away *overdramatic hair flip*
pokemon123789 pokemon123789 Nov 25, 2016
                              THERE HAVE ONLY BEEN AN ELITE FOUR AND A CHAMPION.
                              SOMETHING IS WRONG HERE