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My name is Alpha Sky Brimmer. Yes I am a girl alpha. What you gonna do about it?! I'm alpha already because my mom and dad died from a rouge attack. I was only 16 when it happened but I'm here now....

My name is Ryder Shaffer and I'm an omega. My 'parents' are alpha and Luna but don't really care about me. I've been wanting to find my mate for a while now so I can leave this place. I just hope she isn't an ass like my parents....
I suck at descriptions I know. But I hope you give my book a chance. I got 80k reads within 6-7 months being posted. 


Started- 9/13/16
Finished- 12/25/16

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malasiaereed247 malasiaereed247 Jul 15, 2017
Why they all white?can I see some black or Mexican characters up in herrrrr!!!!
chector53 chector53 Apr 11, 2017
You never asked what happened, Why? Was it rogues or hunters? How did they get separated?
kjameson_32 kjameson_32 Apr 20, 2017
I thought they were all gonna have blue eyes, thank god for the last two!!
StarWars_is_Life StarWars_is_Life Jan 02, 2017
I know its it's not the right time to say this....but how ironic would it have been if her scent smel like lollipops or jolly ranchers or any type of candy
Depressed_dude Depressed_dude Jan 12, 2017
What is up with these characters being so sexy? It's fûcking awesome
Kiran-S Kiran-S Dec 26, 2016
Ryder snd Sky have brown hair and blue eyes. I think one of them should have different colour hair and eyes.