~Bad Boy Replacement ~

~Bad Boy Replacement ~

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Kukie_Shakesheart By Kukie_Shakesheart Updated Nov 14

What do you want?"

"I want to know what he did to you, did he threaten you?" I asked sternly.

"You want to know what he did, he pulled up my skirt, unzipped his flap and was this close to raping me, as a warning. This was just a warning, a warning, he was about to rape me....." She cried and I did what came to my mind. I hugged her and she cried more.

"He said he was going to rape me, the next time I try anything like that." She said in a tearful tone,  sounding confused.

"What did I do? I was just picking up some documents for my dad at the polis station. What did I do?" She asked as she looked up at me.

"Calm down, what's important is that he didn't hurt you." I assured her.

"But how can I be sure of that? he was not joking when he said that, he was damn serious." She explained and I hugged her again. 

"I'll protect you, I promise, I'll protect you." I assured her.

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