Chaos Theory

Chaos Theory

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jandralee By jandralee Updated Dec 08, 2016

[Originally written as The Ides Of July, a Loki + Avengers Fanfiction.]  

The world has changed. Terrorism is no longer something you hear about in the history books, it's something that has dripped through the cracks into our daily lives. 
Anna, a young freelance journalist, witnesses these changes first hand as she travels the world, always observing yet never participating in events which continually shape the future. 
Now, after watching an intelligence officer - someone sworn to protect and serve - murder a seemingly innocent man before her very eyes, she's thrust into action with an unlikely ally. Now Anna must work with Ben, a security contractor and part-time criminal known for his less-than-legal tactics, to stop this new organization from achieving their ultimate goal.

Global chaos.
DISCLAIMER: May experience extreme fangirling and hyperventilating. Screaming, crying, laughing, broken e-Readers, intense feels, and asthma attacks have all occurred. (Seriously.)

#227 in Action 9/24/2016. 
RATED PG-13: Violence and some strong language.   ©2016 Jandra Sutton. All rights reserved. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material - Chaos Theory, blog content, and/or images - without express and written permission from the author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. 
Chaos Theory is currently unpublished. For agent and publisher inquiries, please email me at

VioletInk101 VioletInk101 Sep 13, 2016
Here we goo again!!
                              I mean...I have never seen this book or story in my life heh💗😄
freakwiththefandoms freakwiththefandoms Nov 18, 2016
I love your writing.... I'm smiling just thinking about this sunrise! ^w^
kyannna kyannna Oct 30, 2016
Hey I really enjoyed your story! You should post more! You are really good! If you wouldn't mind checking out my book The Underground's it would mean a lot ☺☺💖💖
hanginginclouds hanginginclouds Sep 13, 2016
Whoop whoop! Ya'll ready for this? I'm not, but let's do this thing! 😎 #thuglife
QueenofShadeUpInHere QueenofShadeUpInHere Dec 20, 2016
I know I'm supposed to be serious rn but I am lmao bc I zoomed in on the picture really far
Vazanya Vazanya Sep 13, 2016
                              I mean.....I am very excited to read this book.