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Male Model Smut

Male Model Smut

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Talia Boo Timothy By znhlle Updated 5 days ago

These are the models in my book (some of them aren't tagged but are still here)
      Stephen James.  9 and 1/2 smuts about him.  (The half is a threesome.
      Nick Bateman 4 and 1/2
      Matthew Noszka. 4 and 1/2 (again the half is a 3some)
      Tyson Ballou. 4 and 1/2 smuts about him.
      Sean O'Pry  2 and 1/2
      Francisco Lachowski.  1 and 1/2
      Luck Blue Smith. 3 and 1/2 (the half is a boyxboy 3some)
      Jordan Barrett 1 and 1/2 (boyxboy 3some with Lucky)
      Toni Mahfud. 1 and 1/2
      Nolan Zarlin. 2 and 1/2
      Remi Baker. 2
      Enzo Carini. 1 
      Reece King. 1 and 2 halves. (2 halves as in two 3somes.)
      Brian Whittaker. 2 and 2 halves. (same as Reece.)
      Mitchel Wick. 1
      Xavier Serrano. 1
      Carlos Paya. 1
      Pietro Boselli. 1 and 1/2
      Manu Rios. 1/2 ( know he isn't exactly a model, but he is boyxboy with Sean O'Pry)
      Simon Nessman. 1
      Francis Lapointe. 1 (boyxboy)
      Alperen Sahin. 1.
      Wesley Tucker. 1
      Julian Gabriel. 1 and 1/2 (half is boyxboy.)
      Joey Graceffa 1/2 (boyxboy with Julian.)
      Neels Visser. 1
      Andre Hamann 1. (Christmas Special 2016.)
      Jake Hold. 1
      Feel free to request, so that we can change the numbers or the names.
              / Remi&Enzo / Simon&Girl / Carlos&Girl / Lucky&Xavier / Mitchell&Girl /
                  PUBLISHED:: Julian & Joey Bad Boy 12/15/2016
                      Most of these are ROUGH.
      I'm also the author of SMUTTY SECONDS, in case you finish these and what more, there is only a few in the other book though.

gexgesc gexgesc 3 days ago
Ummm... if she has a booty I don't think she would be a model lol just from what I've seen. They'd probably make her a 'plus size' model
I can't, I cannot. I feel uncomfortable reading gxb even if it's "myself". This is what happens when you read too much bxb.
I heard on a YouTube video that even if you use protection in the water the little spermies will still try and get to her so...doubt it's gonna work...and don't ask why I watched a video on stuff like that...
He likes it rough....I'll keep that noted. Okay I should leave now...
Am I the only one who noticed how big his torso was and how small his arms are..
You do know if they do this she's gonna get pregnant. BABIES WILL DO ANYTHING!!!