Bonded By Unfortunate Fate

Bonded By Unfortunate Fate

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The aggression in his voice brings my body to a standstill. His eyes bore into mine, dilated black. His wolf showing his presence to mine. "If you ever try to escape from me again, your precious sisters blood will be on your hands" the seriousness in his thick voice has my wolf corned. She would never back down but for the life of our sisters... she will have too. I look to the side showing my shame but not my neck. Never will I show my neck to him. He smiles getting off me, turning his back to me, I feel myself make a sly smile, Let him think I'm defeated.

 Sadie Blackwood is a young she wolf, second born in her lineage which means her father's alpha blood is thickly embedded in her veins. When her pack is overthrown and she's taken captive with her younger sister, her calm life is turned upside down.

When she discovers that her sister has been raped by their captor, she wants nothing more than to rip his throat out.

When she meets him for the first time, she immediately knows what he is to her. The moon has matched them to be mates.

What happens when she wants nothing more than to kill him and he wants nothing more than break her strong spirit. Add a mysterious stranger that comes to her aid each time she needs it, a painful mating bond and a egotistical mate, Sadie's life is about to put in hot water and her biggest struggle is going to be able to keep her last promise that she made to her mother, To not let anyone break her

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Thank you so much mom, I really do in enjoy responsibility🙄
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Kinda proud that I found a book where the character has the same name as me!😊