Hillbilly x Reader [A Dead By Daylight Fanfiction]©

Hillbilly x Reader [A Dead By Daylight Fanfiction]©

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When you and your friends visit an abandoned farmhouse, you didn't expect someone to be there - let alone a killer!

But what happens when you get spared and you learn more about him?

Dead By Daylight is owned by Behaviour Interactions™

*NOTE* Again all locations on Coldwind Farm will be one big location.


Wait, i'm confused .. This is different story but same character  ?
I love it!!!! Now I'm gonna run away from the chainsaw noise * runs away * I'm not dying today!!!
When I saw 'Thompson' I was like; Liz? Patty? Dat you? *reads the rest of paragraph* never mind... I guess there isn't any soul eater XD
I like how you used the real story as a story in your story! 😂
Ms_Daylight Ms_Daylight Sep 28
Oh wow! I love it! So lucky stumbling across you! 
                              This is what a truly good Dead By Daylight book should be like. Even if there's only one chapter so far!
Ms_Daylight Ms_Daylight Sep 29
I love it!!!!! Omg! You're such a good writer!!
                              And man,the cliffhanger :( Can't wait 'til next chapter tough! :)