Broken Beyond Repair (Discontinued)

Broken Beyond Repair (Discontinued)

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Brownie Lover 💖 By -TheAbstraktia Completed

"Nothing's ever your fault, Jacob!" I shouted back. I had remembered what he said just 3 weeks ago. 'I can't help it. It's not my fault that I kissed her.'

"Why can't you ever listen to me?!" he asked me. 
  "Because I hate doing that!" I answered. That shut him up pretty well and the pained look in his eyes said it all. For a second, I did feel a little guilty but I didn't care anymore about him. The Jacob I loved never had existed. He was one of the alphas of the pack I was a member of.
  Jacob Black, 17, a guy who never wanted to be a werewolf, for whom life was another name for mess,  and as everyone knows,  was in love with Bella Swan and could see nothing else when she was in front of him.
  Alexis Kara Uley, 16, a girl-ish, okay - a tomboy, who wanted to stay away from her dark past but was forced back into it. Forced to go back to La Push....

  What happens when Jacob Black lays his eyes on her and realizes the fact that she's his mate?  Will he accept her instead of Bella, the girl he's always been in love with ? 

  Will he ever mend his broken mate or break her even more?

Shout out to @-frequently for the awesome cover!

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Silverless Silverless May 15
The moment when it's been so long since you've watched twilight that you can't decide if a character is from it or an oc... help a girl out here XD
Silverless Silverless May 15
And what exactly is "acting like a girl"? Hmm Matt? ID LOVE TO KNOW
Silverless Silverless May 15
Okay I can already tell this book is gonna have a lot of sexist things in it from the characters and I'm already heated XD
foxanna1 foxanna1 Jan 29
Well.... i’m commenting right now I fan over books all the time so check and I’m definitely voting but.... i’m really selfish so I’m not going to Share.
Gracieluv139 Gracieluv139 Aug 05, 2017
My species is coming to a close, he must be protected at all costs.
soberinglydoubts- soberinglydoubts- Jan 13, 2017
Matt, to be a girl doesn't necessarily mean she would act like every type of girl. She's unique.