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Fanboy (Markiplierxreader)

Fanboy (Markiplierxreader)

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Warfstacheonesie By warfstacheonesie Completed

You're the famous YouTube star, (Y/N). Of course you're going to conventions, but there is this one YouTuber, who has a smaller channel, acting pretty weird and close around you. You're not sure if you like it...

It couldn't help but blush.
                              It couldn't help but CRINGE
                              It couldn't help but this story is going to be crazy
'You're gonna be mine...'
                              THIS IS YANDEREPLIER SIMULATOR OR WHAT?!
Raye_Pixlr_Kay Raye_Pixlr_Kay 3 days ago
Why do I feel like those 2 usernames are the same person, also BEST USERNAMES
Raye_Pixlr_Kay Raye_Pixlr_Kay 3 days ago
So, apparently I'll be on a panel with @Jacksepticeye @muyskerm @Markiplier @Lordminion777 and @Pewdiepie Yay! I'm gonna do a panel with total strangers! proud of me mom!? Excited to meet you guys though see ya next week! #YouTubergoals
                              Yeah that's 236 characters which is way more than 150 XD
Skittle_geek Skittle_geek a day ago
Oh really? I don't believe that. I got a one way ticket to Japan and i ain't tellin no one
Skittle_geek Skittle_geek a day ago
I got 99 problems and your 100 of them. *cough* *cough* Mark *cough*