Skype: Septiplier

Skype: Septiplier

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When Jack messages a stranger, mistaking him for a childhood friend, he doesn't realise how much of an impact this boy would have on his life.


T/W: if you are triggered easily by anything in particular, this story won't be for you, nor will my profile, I like to be as real with my stories as possible so I like them to cover real issues. So unless you're triggered by peppa pig, please click off this story now since nothing in this story will have much of a nice impact on you. (Translate to normal noob reader= people gonna be sad af, read the tags.)

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SuchMemebro SuchMemebro Nov 03
IM SO HAPPY NOW! I was reading this in the morning and when I opened up wattpad again it wasn't here I got really annoyed so I just started searching again AND I FOUND IT AGAIN IM SO HAPPY YOU DØNT UNDERSTAND
I would act strangely calm, while on the inside I'd be like WOOPDIE-FÛCKIN-DOO IM TALKING TO JSE AHHHHHHHHHH
Choujigen Choujigen Oct 22
@TheGoddamnDoor i mean, if you like twenty one pilots you should totes check out my joshler fic lOL such promo. alSO yOUR NAME
LexieShiers LexieShiers Nov 12
he's probably too busy laughing his face off... at how BEAUTIFUL U ARE! xD