The Goddess Daughter

The Goddess Daughter

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Charlotte By Evil2Love Updated Aug 21

People think being the daughter of a queen and the goddess is perfect and amazing. That I have people who come and tend to my every needs. I get things for free and have my own maids and nurse maids. That I live the life of a princess. Well they was wrong. I do have maids and nursemaids. I do get meals made for me. No the only people....person who tends to my every need is Syd my sexylious mate and father of my kids. I'm not living the fill life of a princess. I'm wanted dead by lots of people and I'm not perfect like people think. 

If I fall don't I cry and get up again? 


If I prick my finger don't I bleed.


Well ok I bleed for a second before I'm healed but that's not the point. So let me tell you guys the true story of my life. How Princess Charlotte lives and who my family is. Imma take you on an adventure into the castles walls and you'll learn the secrets and the crazy shit that happens in there. 

We're just the average American supernatural family.

~third book in the Goddess series~

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i think you should follow your dreams because you are great at this and i hope your dreams do comes  true