The BadBoy screams 'Trouble'

The BadBoy screams 'Trouble'

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A scene from the book. 

I got lost into my thoughts. I still remember that day. "S-sorry!" I struggled to release myself from the ropes I was tied with. Carter laughed as he bought the disgusting lizard close to my face. "Front or back guys?" He asked, turning towards his friends, keeping the moving lizard near my face. 


What does he means by front or back!?!? God! No!!!! What is he going to do??? Oh god!!!

"Front!" They replied. 

"Yeah, that will be fun!" He said as he pulled the fabric of my shirt from the front and left the lizard inside. 

"Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! Pleeeease!!!! No!!!!!God!!!! I won't do this again! I promise! I ssswear! I won't do this again! Please don't do thisssssss!" I could feel the thing moving inside my bra. 

"Carter!!!!!! Pleeeease! Don't do this! Ahhhhhhhh! Heellllppppp!!!!" I cried, I puked, I struggled and moved like worm but they just watched the show from the far. And Carter, well he was videotaping the whole thing. 

**************flashback end***************

I didn't realise I had tears in my eyes by now. "Im really sorry Sparkle......" I heard him say as he wiped a tear from my face. 

"I can never forgive you. Ever!" I shook my head.


"EVER!!" I shouted and a sob escaped my mouth. I

07antlya07 07antlya07 5 days ago
I'm starting to read your cues now.And I'm moving slowly!!I'm translating And reading one by one!(turkish)
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I love that quote.. or is it a quote? 😁 but I love it anyway.. ❤️
You have really proved the point of your lack of luck. You don't need to say more. (Just when's the revenge part comin'?)
Sarah_Saru Sarah_Saru 4 days ago
Books are*
                              Sorry no offense.. this book is captivating though.. I'm totally hooked! 😍
Hey, u posted a message on my message board asking me to check out ur books. I most certainly will, just wanted to inform u that my email  is not verified on wattpad so I was unable to reply which is why I'm talking through the comments. Thanks for understanding💗💖
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Can I just say I'm just as unlucky my mum and dad got a divorce because my dad cheated on my mum, my brother had a stroke at 18yrs old my nanas really really sick and my pop died of cancer