empyrean | pjm

empyrean | pjm

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Stob it By shooknae Updated Sep 13

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Park Jimin, a mysterious super natural being falls in love with Yoona , a small town girl, but refuses to reveal his true identity. She sets herself on a mission to discover the truth, and when she does, her life changes forever.. 

Timeline: A hundred years ago maybe?


"Jiminie, is that blood? "

" No? "

" That's not a question you're supposed to answer with another question! "


" You're not as evil as people think you are.. "

" No, I'm much worse "


-- Translated to Russian by @littlefrzpotato 
-- Translated to Finnish by @ThatOneKim

-- Warnings : There will be mature content. Gore themes and vivid descriptions of death. Tiny tiny chapters, with tons of love and mystery. 

-- I made the cover but the textures used aren't mine. Credits to the real owners.

I want you to kiss me. Oh welp looks like both aren't happening
I swear to god I've reread this book like 10 times already and it's not even complete. That's how much I love itttttt
taegenesis taegenesis Sep 03
Omaigodd when will u update . I hate myself for reading too fast of ur book 😭😭
colorwheel colorwheel Dec 24, 2016
"I want you to sleep" oKAY but your text is what has me up in the first place