empyrean | pjm (wattys2017)

empyrean | pjm (wattys2017)

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Park Jimin, a mysterious super natural being falls in love with Yoona , a small town girl, but refuses to reveal his true identity. She sets herself on a mission to discover the truth, and when she does, her life changes forever.. 

Timeline: It is a mix of modern and ancient. Idk.


"Jiminie, is that blood? "

" No? "

" That's not a question you're supposed to answer with another question! "


" You're not as evil as people think you are.. "

" No, I'm much worse "


-- Translated to Russian by @littlefrzpotato 
-- Translated to Finnish by @ThatOneKim

-- Warnings : There will be mature content. Gore themes and vivid descriptions of death. Tiny tiny chapters, with tons of love and mystery. 

-- I made the cover but the textures used aren't mine. Credits to the real owners.

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1neonblue 1neonblue Nov 12
Yoona or yuno are literally the names i imagine when it says Y/N
I swear to god I've reread this book like 10 times already and it's not even complete. That's how much I love itttttt
Lmao me but i also dont text my friends because i'm too lazy
i wrote a story where the guy knows the girl and is stalking her but she doesn't know him, but this is creepier lol
XxDraquille XxDraquille Nov 07
If this was me... I'd throw my phone against the wall and call for an exorcist
joliguk joliguk Oct 18
same :( being a deep sleeper is good most of the time but when it comes to waking up early and stuff i hAte it