Million Dollar Wife

Million Dollar Wife

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Andy By EndlessVision Updated Nov 20

"Some promises are hard to break,
  Some feelings are hard to deny,
  Some people are hard to forget,
  Some relations are hard to accept"

Ashton David Cross was a filthy rich billionaire, he was not a kind hearted person that's what people who met him thought about him. He was a man of words. He had his heart given to his Million Dollar Wife who doesn't care to break it zillion times. Why?

Natalia Hayes was the daughter of a prostitute, her mother wanted her to become the same like her. The fact her mother does such stuff for a living was nothing more than shame for her. 


She was set to do the same thing her mother does? then why was she sold to a filthy rich billionaire in Million Dollars?

"He conquered her by purchasing her in million dollars still she wasn't his"

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MeShu_ MeShu_ Sep 24
wow! the plot is already amazing! this is definitely not cliche !! omg
Me: Pay me .Pfft.I'm broke .*Checks my pockets * I told you.I have no money.
Woow. He's rich and he must seriously love her if he's gonna pay that much
Me: I don't know !?! *shedds a tear* Geeze.Why you mad ? Is it time of the month.😂
Yeah, that's bad if someone did .I hate when it can happen because you have to hunt them down.
Dotaha Dotaha Oct 10
It's a good begining of story  but Africa is a continent u can't say a tikcet to africa but u specify the country but other wise i like it