What they put me through

What they put me through

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Hannah Marie By HannahChan6 Updated 5 days ago

This is about one turtle struggle to keep this bright sprit on any longer. He tried to be the jokester, happy, and we'll be h  imself I could say. He's just the baby brother but with that o  gets bullied by the older brothers. They all think it's fun and games but to little Mikey it hurts him way more then they thinRak. They hurt him with hits and words. This three older brothers didn't realize that they hurt their baby brother more then he shows. But Mikey thinks differently. He become more sazzrd oMcr should I say depressed. 

Ok, I'm hannah if your reall confused what about you just read it's Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles. I love the show because the kids that I baby sit and I want to make this book. so I hope in joy the book. 
Also another reason I wrote with book is because of @CuteMikeyKitty so if you love this book for check out hers. Also follow her she is da best. 

Love you my litte cookie monster's

TheBlockMinx TheBlockMinx Dec 13, 2016
You have a spelling error!! But  yiur book is great!! The spelling is first not frist