Dominated by the Tycoon (manxman)**Power Tops Book 2**

Dominated by the Tycoon (manxman)**Power Tops Book 2**

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**Back by Popular Demand**

If you read "The CEO Commands" you were introduced to Gavin, the little cutie that captured the heart of the one of the sexiest Dominants and Co-owner if the BDSM club, in The Dungeon. This is Gavin's story, it starts from the beginning long before Marcus ever met his Corey.

Gavin Martin came from rough beginnings, he experienced things that no one should have to experience and a lot the treatment he received was from his own family, people that were supposed to love and accept you no matter what. Gavin's trials and tribulations send him on a journey from a small town in the middle of Potato Country to the bright lights and everyday chaos of The Big Apple, where he meets Damien, the drop dead gorgeous hunky business Tycoon that he fell irrevocably and immediately in love with.

Damien Carter is a seasoned Dominant, his thing was Bondage and total Dominance, there wasn't a sub yet that he has encountered that has ever made him think to make them a permanent in his life and in his home, although many have tried and are still continuing to try. That is until a little blond, blue eyed angel was presented to him like a much wanted Christmas present by his friend and one of his business partners, Marcus Roche. Even though he was aware that Gavin was not a trained submissive the desire to make that little beauty his own was too great to for him to ignore, so Damien decided that he was going to make that sweet boy his no matter what.

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cowisakitty cowisakitty Feb 15, 2016
I shouldn't be reading this. The last one left me mentally scarred, and I was in way over my head. YET HERE I AM.
Murderous_Intentions Murderous_Intentions May 25, 2015
In CEO Commands it was Gavin, Damien, AND Joe - is he in this story too or is there going to be a third story where Joe appears? I was wondering because you didn't mention him....?
Natty_Scarlet Natty_Scarlet Mar 19, 2015
Omg this book is finally finish!! I'm going to read it now <3 I been waiting for this book to be completed and it took so long :( but I know it will be worth it <3
musicforlife42 musicforlife42 Jul 08, 2014
so excited to see this! Finished CEO Commands today and can't wait for more Gavin! Love that boy!
SimplyMeT__ SimplyMeT__ Apr 24, 2014
I like you your funny your comments be making me sing along or die laughing.
nobodytopsmyweird nobodytopsmyweird Apr 12, 2014 know I've had my share There ain't nothin gonna stop me now cause I'm almost there!