State of Grace

State of Grace

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MADELINE & MILLIE By RelentlessDreamer Updated Apr 02, 2014

Meet Hensley Clark, a totally and completely normal seventeen year old junior in high school who sees the cup as half-full. With her best friend of eight years, Oliver, a steady after-school job in her town's local shopping mall and a half-way boyfriend, she's perfectly content the way that her life is going. For the most part, that is. Overwhelmed by the pressure of keeping a huge secret that could potentially destroy her entire family along with trying to keep her grades up and constantly being forced to babysit her younger siblings, Hensley's only trying to make it out of high school and out of her small town in Florida alive and with her sanity. 

Now meet Waverly Barnes, a dangerously different seventeen year old junior in high school. Emotionally and mentally scarred by the events of her dark and disastrous past, Waverly is the complete opposite of Hensley Clark, which is a logical explanation for why these two girls cannot stand each other. She's an introvert with basically one friend, her older brother, Finley, if you can even call him a friend. Convinced that the world is full of terrible people, Waverly tends to keep to herself. 

When these two entirely different girls find their lives clashing together all of a sudden, Hensley head-over-heels in like with Waverly's brother, Finley, and Waverly herself getting enveloped in a mild case of serendipitous love, courtesy of Hensley's best friend, Oliver, the two girls are in for an exciting few months. Can Hensley fulfill her dreams of getting out of Florida forever? Will Waverly overcome her past hardships and finally be able to trust again? Can these two totally divergent girls get past their hatred for one another and be friends? Or will this fragile state of grace come crumbling to pieces?

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hotlynchgirl hotlynchgirl Jun 20, 2017
I thought this story was going to be a fanfiction about Jason grace😂😂
MyFriendOfMisery MyFriendOfMisery Feb 04, 2015
During the first two chapters of the description, I thought this was a lesbian romance book. Lol!
cookeidough2000 cookeidough2000 Oct 30, 2013
Yay! A new story from you guys :))) can't wait till you update
- - Oct 28, 2013
Amazing writing as always! :) I'm glad u guys are writing a new story and its so awesome! Glad u guys are back!
MKcityMK MKcityMK Oct 24, 2013
we're this is going, but I'm still syked to read on, I can't really get Hennas' character is she like the Queen B? Or the quite kida girl, but update soon!
palmer_kathleen palmer_kathleen Oct 24, 2013
Oo I'm super excited for this one :) I can tell its gonna be good! But all of y'all's stories are! Dealing with that many kids would be such a handful....