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Mystic Messenger x Reader One Shots 『 Discontinued 』

Mystic Messenger x Reader One Shots 『 Discontinued 』

41.2K Reads 1.2K Votes 16 Part Story
Stay Shiny, Nya! ✨ By Elysabeth_Chan Completed

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Your Mystic Messenger needs here!
- 707 (Luciel / Saeyoung Choi) x Reader
- Zen (Hyun Ryu) x Reader
- Jumin Han x Reader
- Jaehee Kang x Reader
-Saeran Choi x Reader
- Yoosung Kim x Reader

Lavuyyy Lavuyyy Mar 17
Saeyoung <33
                              Smth Playful, Sweet etc x3
                              DOesnt have to be =3
Animeismyweakness Animeismyweakness Dec 13, 2016
mm character = mc
                              Fluff, Lemon, etc (pls state) =lemon or lime
                              Situation= Unknown x Suicidal Reader
                              Any other people included?=  707 maybe?
shrektastic- shrektastic- Oct 18, 2016
best friend dies and reader is depressed. 707 is there to save them.
mystic-teller mystic-teller Dec 11, 2016
MM Character = mc
                              Fluff,Lemon,etc (pls state)=idk fluff???
                              situation= idk XD
                              any other ppl included= no?
x-photographyangel-x x-photographyangel-x Dec 04, 2016
Hmm... How about a seven x funny! reader, where they both have a pun battle of some sort XD can be a fluff!
KurayamiYukiHime KurayamiYukiHime Oct 02, 2016
Zen x serious reader 
                              So,we all know that Zen loves to flirt and it always work at every girl but not this girl,she's just too serious at her career,she's a writers anyway,and become bff with Jaehee:3