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Ice And Iron (Book III)

Ice And Iron (Book III)

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Merry Ravenell By merrywombat Updated 6 days ago

The Moon has given Gianna a most... questionable... reward: a choice. 

Lord-Alpha Gabel of IronMoon, the Moon's Dark Comet, is still bound to her by a slumbering Bond. Furious at the Moon for Her betrayal, Gabel has sworn that he will reclaim Gianna as his own, or he will rip apart the cosmos itself. 

Lord-Alpha Aaron of IceMaw, the Moon's Seneschal, intends to reclaim the Luna that was stolen from him by Gabel's blasphemy. Brilliant and cunning beyond measure, he has sworn he will never bow to any Alpha, and he will stop at nothing to thwart Gabel's ambitions. 

With the SableFur on the brink of civil war, Gianna's power is fragile, and her time is limited. 

Her choice will elevate one Lord-Alpha to King, and start a catastrophic war with the other.

seanopry33 seanopry33 5 days ago
Omg!!!! Dear author I know I said I'd never forgive Gabel but what is this? Aaron? I mean they probably (Aaron and gianna) were meant to be but but but Gabel has grown on me😢 and I really wanted gianna to not end up with Gabel but😢 I think i secretly hoped they would stay together😭😭
catanne85 catanne85 Oct 12, 2016
What about a dozen adult cupcakes? Raspberry vodka with whipped butter cream and raspberry garnish? Or if your not a fan of the adult cupcakes I can make mini red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting or carrot cake cupcakes? In addition to my love of reading I enjoy baking cupcakes. 😊
mashalharoon mashalharoon Dec 21, 2016
Aaron all the way! Please pick Aaron although I know u won't, u WLL pick that idiot Gabel who took you against your will 😭😭😭 why can't it be Aaron whyyyyyyyyyyyu
azkenzie azkenzie Oct 13, 2016
Did anyone stop to think of she ended up with both of them somehow? * don't shoot me!!*
CatDavis CatDavis Oct 27, 2016
Hope she gives her body needed rest and healing before she makes her next move
dhellangel dhellangel Oct 13, 2016
Good make grand story not just silly story about some teenage wolf worry about clothes or party..I hope the next more