Cutthroat Reviews - Can You Survive the Challenge?

Cutthroat Reviews - Can You Survive the Challenge?

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Lily Lavender Club By LilyLavenderBlossom Updated Nov 14

Wanna know whether your story is a great catch or a dead fish? Well, you've come to the right place! 

There are a lot of review books out there that will give you feedback on your whole story... but this isn't one of them. This review book is solely for the purpose of letting you know whether I would keep reading your book past the first chapter.

It's simple: I read the first chapter of your story and then I tell you if it hooked me and reeled me in enough to keep me interested in the rest.

Are you up for the challenge? Do you think your story has what it takes to survive the test? If so, open up this book and dive right in! And please, don't expect me to go easy on you.

**This review book is heavily inspired by @Wimbug and their "Evil Reading Request List" book. If you haven't, you should definitely check it out. It's hilarious and quite insightful. Plus, she is an amazing writer herself, so check out her works! ;)**

Title: Get Out!
                              Genre:  Horror 
                              Author: @Thereaderofneverland (Me)
                              Blurb: Ever Since I was little a girl I could see things that hid in the corner of everyone else eyes. I tried to warn them, I really did. But who would believe someone in a Mental facility.
Kadonex Kadonex 3 days ago
Title: Dropping Gloves
                              Genre: Teen Fiction
                              Author: Kadonex
                              Blurb: Bandit tries to be normal, but with her father overworking himself, Bandit gets left at home with nothing to do. After a tragic accident at the local hockey game, Bandit gets sucked up into the world of highschool hockey.
brizingr1 brizingr1 Nov 24
Title: Bone Knight
                              Genre: Fantasy
                              Author: Brizingr1
                              Blurb: Not everything is what it seems. Guesses can be wrong, good can be bad, and power can be a weakness.
                                When one knight acquired the ultimate defense, he forgets that all blessings can come with a curse.
Title: Eralark//Book 1
                              Genre: Adventure/Fantasy
                              Author: Moi
                              Blurb: Children shouldn't join rebellions
Title: Infinite 
                              Genre: Teen fiction
                              Author: @unusual__words 
                              Blurb: The brightest stars aren't always the brightest.