The Wrong Number ☆Luke Hemmings☆

The Wrong Number ☆Luke Hemmings☆

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Charity <3 <3 By Mrs_All_American_Me_ Updated Dec 29, 2016

Sarah receives an accidental text from a random person at three in the morning. They continue to talk for a while, and she starts to wonder who this mysterious internet friend could be...
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kurtcrysrn kurtcrysrn Jan 16
Have u heard of five Es oh Es. I like love them and the blonde one Calvin
My friends insulted Pierce The Veil and said they were ugly emos and I'm over here oh ya I totally listens to their emo faces not their amazing music just only listen to the fringe that that the lead singer had
22ZaynisBeautiful 22ZaynisBeautiful Dec 29, 2016
HEY! I put this in my library and didn't know it was yours!!!!! That's really really convenient, lol.
ugh, why are they called five seconds of summer when there's only four of them
Crazzy-Mofo Crazzy-Mofo 3 days ago
This will be so embarrasing for her when she finds out about that hes in the band
RebelHatter RebelHatter Dec 22, 2016
I just fangirled because of that sarcastic remark. And by 'fangirled' I mean I randomly screamed while my family probably secretly thinks I'm crazy but don't say anything because of how often I do it