The Smile That Brightens My Day

The Smile That Brightens My Day

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Hannah By Marshland7990 Updated Jul 14, 2017

You're a 20 year old girl who just got offered the job opening as the new editor at Skymedia. You love editing, and now's your chance to make new friends while doing what you love! You recognize the so called boss --Adam-- but you can't figure out where you've seen him from. Other than his videos and his friends' channels of course. 'Where have I seen him? Why does he look so familiar?' You thought to yourself. Suddenly it hit you! He was your best friend when you were in junior high! The summer before you went into ninth grade --Adam had just graduated high school-- he moved to Seattle Washington to pursue his dream of making people happy! Between the different time zones, and school, and Adams job, you guys slowly lost touch. You never talked to him again after that.

What happens when you arrive in Seattle and you meet one man that changes your life forever? The man you never thought you'd meet... The editor--Max-- feelings you cannot explain rush into you. This is the man who'd help you with everything since he's an editor and that's the job you were offered. You can't help but feel a small hint of happiness when talking with him. 

You're afraid. Not only for your new job with new people. You're afraid of falling in love. The last time you fell in love, you barley made it out alive... Scars, bruises, cuts, scrapes. You name it... You always stay positive though. You never wanted to fall in love again. Until now-- in The Smile That Brightens  My Day! 

The rest, you'll have to read to find out!

There will be swearing because it's Max... And this will take place in the Skymedia offices. Even though Max has left. Him, Ross, and Tim will all be back in the offices for this story. Please please please leave feedback and suggestions! I'd really appreciate it! It helps me a lot! Other than that, I hope you enjoy... The Smile That brighten  My Day!

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