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Stella Crash (Nalu Fanfiction) *Final, Unedited*

Stella Crash (Nalu Fanfiction) *Final, Unedited*

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Lily Celest By CelestialSlayerLily Completed

heyy guys so this isnt my first fanfic but im still pretty new at this story writting thing and ive never written stuff like this so please enjoy and no hate if you dont. 
Lucy Heartfilia is an extraordinary girl who has had a difficult and unbelievable past. She is a total mystery to all but she is well known by most for her magic, strength, intellect, and well known position as the 1st rank wizard saint 'Stella Crash'. She is a head strong stubborn beautiful young girl who is often finding herself being constantly judged on her skills and abilities because of her age and gender. But what will happen when she and her younger sister, Wendy Marvell, meet two boys who are different fromeveryone they've met? What will happen when Lucy meets Natsu Dragneel or better known as 'Salamander'? What about when Wendy meets Romeo Conbolt, Natsu's younger brother like nakama? Read to find out more. Not good with summaries. It'll be worth it promise and also enjoy!

CelestialSlayerLily CelestialSlayerLily Nov 25, 2017
she's nice in my stories. she shouldnt be made into a villain she's a nice girl. 😊
Huntress_Pheonix Huntress_Pheonix Dec 26, 2016
Grandine disapeared on the seventh month of the seventh year on the seventh day.
nalustalker nalustalker Dec 23, 2016
Solid script dragon? I see...😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😍😍😍😍😍
PurpleFluffCloud PurpleFluffCloud Feb 03, 2017
Pfft she doesn't even question it..
                              Yeah, lol I'll look after your tiny human
NaLu_Girl NaLu_Girl Feb 02, 2017
Solid script, huh? Metalicana and Lena, was it? And theN Gajeel and Levy? Something fishys goin on around here...