My One and Only Blonde (SasuNaru)

My One and Only Blonde (SasuNaru)

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Kayla ❤ By Gayruto Updated Jan 14

*Rated M for Mature Content*

Sasuke has never left the village. He still lusts for revenge but hasn't left for one reason, Naruto. As Sasuke starts to realize that Naruto is the love of his life, will he change for the better good or will he descend into darkness following down the dark path? Will he let that life changing moment go for the sake of his partner.... 

Naruto has always been lonely, always seeking attention and still never acknowledged. That was until he began to see Sasuke differently. Naruto now has a choice to make. Will he let Sasuke go....... or will he be deceived by the hatred within him. Could he possibly change his fate or will he be forever alone.
There are too many questions and many answers.

*If this book will ever reach 1k views there may be a 2nd book*

*I do not own Naruto and only own the plot of this fanfic* Dunt Sue me please ❤

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Gayruto Gayruto Nov 20, 2016
@_Crimson_Tide_ Your fine I'm waiting for an ending at well and I haven't read up to the point in manva
_Crimson_Tide_ _Crimson_Tide_ Nov 19, 2016
So there aren't any spoilers right cuz I still haven't seen the end and I would be super upset if there is (not that I would blame you I would just really hate myself for being such a retard and spoiling it for myself.)
_Crimson_Tide_ _Crimson_Tide_ Nov 20, 2016
Like on the original Naruto or Naruto Shippuden? BC on Naruto Shippuden I'm on to 428 and I finished the original Naruto
Gayruto Gayruto Nov 19, 2016
                              Uh does the Kyuubi's name count? Also what ep are u on and first season or second?