//miscellaneous//gawsten highschool!au

//miscellaneous//gawsten highschool!au

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bb alex™ By geoffawstenotto Updated Nov 23, 2016

Geoff Wigington is the new student from California. Awsten Knight is the pretty boy with the blue hair. 

Geoff has always been quiet, shy, and just plain introverted. when you get to know him, he's quite outgoing and fun to be around. you just have to play your cards right. 

Awsten is the cute boy with the blue hair. he's not exactly introverted, but he's not exactly extroverted either. his goal in life is to make everybody smile, and that's a bit difficult when he stumbles across the new kid. 

what will happen when the sad, new boy meets the cute punk boy?

//lowercase intended//

!contains boyxboy content, slight (not major) trigger warnings. if you are uncomfortable with that, please do not read!

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sxrxhlikesbands sxrxhlikesbands Aug 10, 2017
i only write high school aus too and i dont even really know what high school is like
billystar billystar Dec 19, 2016
you should've made awsten wear his martha shirt or his who are these kids and why are they calling me mom
theartofeyecontact theartofeyecontact Jan 11, 2017
hoi! i'm temmie!1!! (i am a literal cringe undertale fan please ignore me)
-felonysteve -felonysteve Nov 10, 2016
AAAWWWW THIS IS MY OTP THIS IS SO CUTE SO FAR *dies from fangirliness overload*