Royals of the Court ➳ Kagehina

Royals of the Court ➳ Kagehina

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A disappointment By temporaryemotions Updated 5 days ago

sequal of "Queen of the Court"

"Ahhhhhhh" hinata yawned he was finally a third year "I hate the first days no more staying up until 3 Am and sleeping until 5 pm" he mumbled

"Talking to yourself dumbass"
"Come on we're going to be late" kageyama said dragging hinata to class in a spring
"Someone call an ambulance" the teacher screamed
"Will you go to prom with me"
Hinata fell to his knees crying "Tobio... I wish I felt the same"

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Quinteniella Quinteniella Jul 18, 2017
Hinata is already the ace, one bokuto is enough don't you think.
Skye7532 Skye7532 Feb 11
All because he ran into a door!😂😂 Btw love your works!!!
Sirius-lyLupin22 Sirius-lyLupin22 May 28, 2017
He went unconscious because of his face being slammed against the door... now I know it hurts but... really...
amymercado1 amymercado1 May 02, 2017
I feel like it should've been 
                              Yamayama-chan like he is legit the only person tsuki listens to
amymercado1 amymercado1 May 02, 2017
But like how does bumping into a door affect your jumping? Like Wat
danisonaunicorn danisonaunicorn Sep 20, 2017
😂😂 just take him by the head why dont ya, coz thats what normal couples do 😂😂