He Was Dying

He Was Dying

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Pun Son By XxTwixThewolfxX Updated Jan 07

Omega was his name. A silent, peaceful, lonely seven foot tall rabbit living in an abandoned scrap auto yard enclosed by stone and barbed wire-topped walls taller than he.

When lost humans enter his yard, Omega is struck with confusion. He doesn't know if to trust these small strangers, to see them as a threat, or as food. Light suddenly floods into the darkness, and Omega is left vulnerable as the humans seem to be trying to escape.

 Omega is forced to retaliate, but what happens when he begins to grow fond of the small human with blond hair?

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End-Kuchasan End-Kuchasan Mar 16, 2017
Myyyy Generators bring all the boys to the yard
                              And theyre like
                              This bunny thinks hes hard
LunaLuvsWriting LunaLuvsWriting May 06, 2017
I love books like these.
                              You should make another of dead by daylight with like basically and Evan and smii7y and stuff...
emesbii emesbii Sep 21, 2016
i wasn't expecting this to be a DBD setting. i'm screaming, i love it! :D