Lucy Heartfilia's Revenge

Lucy Heartfilia's Revenge

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If you are looking for a fanfiction where Lucy is trained by dragons, then this isn't it. Lucy does learn other magic, but it is by other wizards, mostly Archive magic. If you are looking for something different, then this is your book. Let's be serious here, I don't think they ever called it Team Natsu, so I don't call it that either.

Lucy Heartfilia, the girl that abandoned her past and joined Fairy Tail, has had enough. She knows she hadn't been the strongest player on the battle ground, and she knew that there were other stronger mages. But just because she wasn't strong enough didn't give them the right to avoid her as if she was a plague. If they were just going to ignore her, then she will just leave. But she will be back, stronger and more powerful than ever.

I do not own any characters other than Kaiden Storm, Rancor, Dylan Breaker, Desmond, and Ashley.

Finished 12/21/16

So.. I guess he doesn't like Lucy in his group, eh?
                              Well, I guess everyone is entitled to their own opinions
                              *rereads sentence*
                              BIT THAT DOESNT MEAN ITS RIGHT, IN FACT ITS SHI-
I like you, I've been trying to find a FairyTail FanFiction or a Lucy Heartfilia FanFiction that didn't have Lucy being trained by dragons and all that shiz, so thank you for actually writing something that makes sense.😊✌️
Fairytail-215 Fairytail-215 Dec 19, 2016
Yeah so if she learns different magic it's basically the same damn thing so don't start celebrating
Alicat1944 Alicat1944 Jan 08
Thank the gods!!! So tired from those books when looking for a Fairytail fanfic!!!!
BeatriceDragneel BeatriceDragneel 3 days ago
*grabs a gun* 
                              Do you want to die or do you want to die?!?!
RedGirlLoves RedGirlLoves Dec 26, 2016
Thank god! I was getting bored of celestial dragon slayer Lucy books.