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Yaoi RP

Yaoi RP

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Luciano Vargas By 2p_Italy_Luciano Updated Jan 25

Come one, come all for the most homo of RPs.

Name: Zephyr Wynd
                              Age: 18
                              Species: (don't yell at me) neko
                              Personality: Shy, a bit too flustered for his own good, playful, passive, kind.
                              Turn on: Roughness, a dom partner, vanilla sex (sometimes)
                              Turn offs: Scat, piss, etc
-----S----- -----S----- Feb 05
Name: Raspberry
                              Age: 17
                              Species:  Vampire 
                              Uke or Seme : Uke 
                              Personality: Quiet, Smart, Curious, Shy, friendly, Over Protective.
                              Turn ons: Sweet nothings, Rubbing of the hips, Kisses.
                              Turns offs: Being hurt, Seeing blood.
                              Other: He's never really goes Outside.
Kimiki13 Kimiki13 Feb 16
Name: Nori Fukushima
                              Age: 17
                              Height:  5'9
                              Nicknames: Ri, Shi
                              Personality: Subborn, Argummentative, Daring
                              Likes: Puppies, Dusk
                              Dislikes: Contact
                              Appearance: White hair and blue eyes
                              Lives: Unknown
                              Position: Uke
                              Turn ons:  Ear biting,  hickeys 
                              Turn offs: Nothing
                              Siblings: None
Name: Ameki 
                              Age: 16
                              Species: kitsune 
                              Position: seke 
                              Personality: wary of others and is shy. But if he knows you he is kind and will help as much as he can.
                              Turn ons: unknown since he's a virgin
                              Turn offs: unknown 
                              Others: he doesn't talk ever since his parents were killed for there fur.
Name Cory 
                              Age 16
                              Species neko wolf
                              Personality shy mostly quite
                              Turn on neck  and wolf ears being bitten  and being payed attention to
                              Turn off being hit yelled and seeing his own blood spilled 
                              Being called names
Name: Justin Ford
                              Species: Human
                              Position: Uke
                              Personality: Kind, Bubbly, Boastful, Sweet, Passionate.
                              Turns On: Neck Butting, Rubbing, Teasing.
                              Turns off: Blood.
                              Other: His A Flying Toaster!